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Hope Is Where the United Heart Is

Full Truth Fellowship of Christ Church wants to spread our message of hope, compassion and unity. We believe that although a single action can make a difference in the community, collective action can also greatly impact the world. There is strength in unity and God call us to support the numerous individuals and organizations providing spiritual support and guidance with our prayers and presence. Each of these organizations openly welcome and support LGBTQ persons and work tirelessly to contribute their part to the greater good. Call for worship times and upcoming events.

One Church Detroit

                                                                                             19185 Wyoming Detroit, MI 48221

Pastor Jeffrey Seals

(313) 939-2594

Whosoever Ministry UCC

240 Chalfonte Ave.

at Gross Pointe Congregational Church

Gross Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Pastor: Rev. Dr. Selma Massey

(313) 259-0000

One Body of Christ Ministries

13810 Puritan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48227

Pastor Ronchele Andres

(313) 459-3033

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